Willy Paul Responds to Miss P

Singer Abubakar Wilson Opondo aka Willy Paul today responded to allegations after his former signee Miss P accused him of sexually assaulting her. Through his social media pages Pozze said,  “Wakenya wacheni propaganda…Miss Picasah ni kama my sister na nilikuwa namsaidia kwa music industry, I have done my part…watu wakue na Shukrani baada ya kusaidiwa.”

Pozze also deactivated Miss P instagram account that was being managed by his Record Label Saldido.

The Allegations

During a recent interview, Miss P was explaining reasons as to why she left the Saldido record label despite being a hit maker and well known woman. She said that Willy Paul started advancing sexual desires to her and at one point she forced her to sleep with him. She further explained that Willy Paul visited their mother and solved the alleged rape without them involving her in the conversation