Why Is Marketing Considered As Creative Function Of Business?

Why Is Marketing Considered As Creative Function Of Business?

Marketing is something that plays invisible role in each and every human’s life. It has the ability to change one’s life tremendously. The best part of marketing is that only the marketing engineer is aware of the impact of what he has created. The rest doesn’t know exactly what happens, it is completely unconscious activity.

Marketing is a field that has evolved over years. Today’s world when compared to 10 years back; a lot has been affected by this marketing disease. From the moment we get out of bed we are into this marketing world, starting from radios, televisions, newspapers, billboards, social media accounts and many more.

Most of the marketing activities emphasizes on the economy.

Marketing can be stated as performance of activities directed towards the goods and services from producer to consumers. There are several approaches of marketing. Among all the approaches of marketing the most successful one is economic approach. This can be applied in any country or by any business. This is what the consumers love too.

It is a default mentality of the consumers to go towards the cheapest one. I work with Jumia Kenya and most of my customer’s preferences are revolving around the price. They always go for cheap items even if I try to convince them about the quality. Marketing plays a major role in promoting any product or services to the consumer.

The basic organizational structure must have finance department, operation department, human resource department and marketing department. These are the basic department a company must have to ensure steady growth.

Marketing function has a strong root in the history and also in the future. Through time just the way of marketing has changed but marketing has remained the same. Today we have many scopes of marketing. This is a field that is considered as the most creative function of business. Marketing engineers are the ones who understand the consumer psychology and promoting according to that.

Right from designing the wrapper of the product, till the advertisement on mass media or digital media. Everything is done by the marketing team in a firm. In the marketing department there are several teams, each one takes a particular role; like a team who governs the television, the other digital marketing while others take care of offline ads, so this is completely team work.

If you have the creativity to think different and have the guts to project it, then marketing is the best thing that can happen in your life.

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