Why Do You Need to Ask For Help Shamelessly?

Why Do You Need to Ask For Help Shamelessly?

Do you know what can fuel your growth? As an employee, entrepreneur, or student?

If you’ve been asking yourself this question, then the answer is, “learn to ask shamelessly.”

Most of the time, we fail to ask for help because of fear of being identified as failures or mental pygmies. Or because of jealousy and pride that we know it all. Pride and satisfaction are the diseases that you need to get rid of as early as possible. They will destroy your relationships with people, friends, and families.

They will make you die in silence when you truly need assistance that can rescue you from a certain illness; maybe a financial or moral illness. They are like blood cancer since they will hurt you from within. People will not get to understand and know what you are really going through.

Working hard to be successful so that you can feel superior in front of people you had jealousy on, will probably land you to a misguided goal. If that is your case, then you need to redefine your purpose and have a dream that is larger than you.

Your growth shouldn’t be driven by your need to feel better than others. Have a dream of becoming successful so that you can give back to your society and even to the entire world. Create your tangible value and get motivated by it and find ways to achieve that.

Most of the top influencers and successful people did not reach to the top through narcissism. The more you get your focus attached to your ego and pride, the more your growth will deteriorate. Your growth will be hard because you are not ready to ask.

Your knowledge, hard work, and experience is a drop in the ocean compared to what others know collectively. You have limited experience, and so you may not be able to figure out some stuff by yourself.

Over the decades,’ people have been trying so hard to solve different problems, and so there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Have the concept that everything required for your success is within you and around you as well.

Learning to pick other peoples’ minds will speed up your growth and have more fun in the extension. There is no need to overload your brain over a question you can’t answer by yourself.

You will not hesitate to request for help when you don’t let your pride and ego get along with you.

No One Went Up The Ladder Alone

Most of these successful people did get there alone. They were ready to ask for help from the top, and then they finally got there. When you start asking for help, you will always find a “Yes” answers from several people.

Many people are waiting for you to knock at their doors, and they are willing to support you. They can’t come for you instead it is you to hit at their gates day and night for help. Sometimes they may seem to be busy and not able to give attention to your request. But learn to be patient and determined. Again, you can approach as many people as you can. Be ready to face rejections because that is the fun in it.

Learn to Stand On The Shoulders of Giants

Look for mentors that will push you hard for success. Spot your best mentor with a strong understanding of your goals. Make sure they are in line with what you are up to achieve. Then go-ahead to follow their footsteps. Learning to ask for help is a habit you can grow over time to catalyze your success. Just the same way you felt it hard to speak in public; is the same way you will find it hard to ask for help for the first time. Be proud to ask questions, have the courage to consult from others.

Don’t let your pride kill your capability to learn. No one is perfect, but through asking questions, you get maximum exposure. But again, perfection comes from the best experience or exposure. If you can’t ask questions because you know more than others, then you will just keep moving around the same pool.

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