What Is The Difference Between Marketing And Sales?

What Is The Difference Between Marketing And Sales?

Sales and Marketing is a term that we meet every day in this corporate world. Many people call it an engine function of business since there is no business that can move on without incorporating sales and marketing.

For many years we’ve been confusing the differences between the two terms, we always use it to mean one thing of which is not the actual case. Sales and Marketing are closely related and one cannot exist without the other.

In this blog, I will be discussing the key differences between the two. First I will be approaching it by breaking them down for easy understanding.

Let’s start by giving the meaning:

What is the meaning of Sales?

Sales are any activity that involves selling products and services of a business to the targeted customers with an exchange of consideration. Sales involve the exchange of ownership that is from the seller to the buyer.

Sales have several steps that we need also to understand and below are the steps:

  • Prospecting customers
  • Approaching
  • Identifying the needs
  • Presenting offer and demonstrating
  • Managing objections and negotiations
  • Closing the sale
  • Follow up

These are the steps you need to know about sales, now let’s jump to another term before we discuss the brief difference between them

What is marketing?

Marketing is a set of activities which not only identifies customers’ needs but also creates it and satisfy those needs with goods and services that have value to the customers.

For marketing, we also need to know and understand the 4ps of marketing since they are the building units of marketing. There is no marketing process without 4ps. They include:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

Marketing also has processes and procedures that must be followed when creating a marketing strategy for a business. Let’s have some little view of them:

Steps of marketing

  • Market research
  • Identifying customers’ needs
  • Creation of product
  • Product promotion
  • Sales
  • After sales services
  • Customers satisfaction

After understanding the basic concept of both sales and marketing, I believe you are now relieved from the doubts between the two. But now let’s look at the difference highlighted below:

Differences between Marketing and Sales

  • Marketing is an art that involves a lot of creativity while Sales involves mathematics since there are more on calculationsMarketing is all about creating stories and involves a lot of storytelling while sales are all about asking questions.
  • For marketing payment is always based on salary, marketers are paid salary while for sales, sales agent are paid on commission.
  • Marketing is a long term investment in a business since it is all about developing future strategy while Sales is a short term investment of a business because it focuses on bringing more return immediately.
  • Marketing focuses on the customers’ needs because it is more concerned about customer satisfaction while sales focus on the company needs because the effort is stressed on making more sales.


It is always advisable to put into place both marketing and sales because they both need each other.  They are in a link relationship and none of them can stand alone to help your business grow. Sales are the ultimate outcome of marketing and sales is the final product of marketing.

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