What Is The Difference Between Celebrity And Influencer Marketing?

What Is The Difference Between Celebrity And Influencer Marketing?

Influencers have been playing a big role in promoting businesses and brands for the last couple of years. Many brands are risking a lot of resources to invest in this new approach to digital marketing. And it is working for both international and local brands.

Most of the times we confuse celebrity marketing and influencer marketing to mean one thing. In reality, these words do not mean exactly the same thing. What we can really understand between the two is that both influencers and celebrities have a huge number of social followers.

Celebrity marketing started a long time ago. For those who studied business or commerce can contest to this. It was a part of product promotion just like Television, radios, and roadshows.  So the main difference is based on channel one used to gain his/her social followers.

Influencer marketing is an advanced branch of celebrity marketing and as a result, they can be divided into a modern celebrity (influencer) and the traditional celebrity.

Traditional celebrity gained their social followers through traditional media (radios, televisions and newspapers).Examples of traditional celebs include people like: Larry Madowo, Akothee, and Jalang’o.

Subsequently, Influencers are individuals who build their brands and social followers through digital channels like Social media, vlogs, and blogs. Cyprian Nyakundi and Robert Alai are examples of influencers in Kenya.

What are the benefits of hiring influencer?

In this digital era of technology, every business needs to catch up and grow together with technology. And influencer marketing is part of the growth since it is trending in the marketing industry .therefore am going to discuss the benefits of collaborating influencer marketing.

  • Influencers are cheap

When comparing the cost of traditional celebrity and influencers marketing. You will realize influencers are very cheap and affordable and that is the reason why many businesses prefer to hire them. celebrities will charge millions of money but with a very low return on investment since they don’t have much understanding of their followers.

  • Influencers understand content marketing strategy

Influencers are content creation machines since it is part of their daily activities. They attract their followers because of the type of content they create online. Content marketing is another trending tool in digital marketing and hiring someone who is will is well composed is a big win for your business.

  • Influencers build brand awareness

Influencers can be a brand ambassador just like traditional celebrities. But with influencers, it gets to higher limit fast because they understand the needs and interest of their audience. So through them, you will be able to reach the right viewers and customers.

  • Influencers are expert digital communicators

Influencers are always active in almost all social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and snap chat. Subsequently, they will help businesses in driving leads or sales.


Basically, followers require useful insights from the influencers, before they consider buying a product they first check and wait for the influencer reviews. We can’t be ignorant about this method of marketing because our competitors are already using it. You either use it or plan for failure.

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