The Best And Affordable Business You Should Start Today

The Best And Affordable Business You Should Start Today

The kind of question that has been bothering me for an extended period is, “What is the best business opportunity in 2019?”. Every year almost all of us consider some investment options; either big or small. We might sometimes do them or not. But we think them because the investment is useful and essential for the future of our economy.

 I completely agree with this because we are in a new world where everyone is striving to start their businesses. But there is one investment option you probably never considered.

I never considered it for the last couple of years until early January this year, even though it is the best investment anyone can do without necessarily acquiring significant capital.

It is the type of investment that entrepreneurs neglected for an extended period. I know you are curious about it. But I want to share with you some of the challenges I went through before I came up with this idea.

When I started as a digital marketer, I did not know IT. I never attended any IT class at that time. It was back in 2016. I realized I had the potential of starting a new career as a digital marketer. The idea was boiling through my mind, but I was directionless.

I was not sure how to move forward or what to do. I stumbled across the internet. I approached several people who were already deep into this field. But they never responded to my messages. They hung up my calls.

I later thought that google could help me and give me the directions and guidance I needed.

So I went ahead and enrolled for digital marketing course online. And I thought of it as an investment for my future. And whatever growth am starting to enjoy now is the return of that investment.

Of course, my efforts and commitment are also there. But without proper guidance, my effort could have gone wasted.

It is like having a fantastic car to drive, but no map to guide you on which points you should be making a turn.

What kind of investment have I been talking about all along with this article?

Am talking about “Investing In Yourself.”

Invest in things that will help you, maybe now or in the future.

Things that can help you to:

  • Grow your brand
  • Grow your career
  • Grow your business
  • Grow your conversations skills

Because the returns you get from these investments will be much more than the other investments will offer you.

It is effortless to invest in others because if things go South, you can easily blame it on them.

If the stock goes down, you can blame it on the economy.

You can blame and move on!

But you can’t blame anyone else when you invest in yourself. You have to take complete ownership of your investment. Probably that is why we hesitate to invest in ourselves.

Because we are not ready to trust ourselves as much, we believe others.

What are the key benefits of investing in yourself?

When you invest in yourself:

  • You will become committed and give attention to what you spent in.
  • You will become confident.
  • There will be radical improvements in your behavior, actions, and outcomes.

Businesses love people who invest in themselves. I have been together with successful people and can contest that they are always action takers. They don’t joke around with opportunities, and they will grab and snatch them away from jokers.


Trust the business in you, look yourself as a business and brand then go-ahead to invest in it. We are in a creative world where you will only get employed if you have personal artistic skills. You will only get hired if you can add value to the organization or business because of the large number of graduates. Look into something that can make you unique within the pool. Trust in you and invest in yourself.

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  1. It’s a good experience and more we had work together. I do agree with your career and bold steps u took despite having a job and went back to class opposite of what you had earlier learn I solute you man

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