Time Management Skills You Need To Understand And Practice.

Time Management Skills You Need To Understand And Practice.

Time management is one of the essential skill everyone needs to master in order to succeed. Let me be honest with you!

I’m not a time management expert. But I am learning my way around it. I’ve had my moments of highly productive days, days when nothing happened and mixed ones. I’m reading several blogs on how to get things done and others to improve on my efficiency and reduce the wastage.

It’s a work in progress. It is something I really want to keep improving on. As someone who handles several tasks in a day, I feel the benefits of time management. I’m a part time student, employed and at the same time I blog and teach digital marketing. All above, I could not handle if had no idea on time management.

Everyone knows how precious and gifted time is, yet a very few people learn how to manage it. A wide body research shows that those who does it become highly successful.

In this blog am going to discuss the tips of time management skills you need to master.

Let’s go!

  • Set Time Limits

When you set time limits, you create focus mode in your mind set. Time limit will also help you to drive away procrastination. As you know procrastination is an enemy of progress.

According to Parkinson’s Law, “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” Let’s say you want to create the outline for your next blog post or want to do something else. Set yourself a specific time and focus on the task. You can use the countdown timer on mobile or Google.

You will be amazed to see you could complete the work within the time limit you set instead of spending the whole day on it.

  • Don’t Multitask

Multitasking is a good idea since it helps us do several things at a time. Today am going to shock you to quote on the negatives of multitasking since we all believe we can multitask to handle more and more. But it’s not.

Our brain performs much better when it focuses on one task. While multitasking, the brain has to stop one process switch and align to another function, then stop that process to get back to the previous process.

It takes as much as twice the time to complete one task because of all the stopping, switching and aligning. So I discourage multitasking when it comes to time management.

  • Take Regular Breaks

Brain is the engine of our bodies just like car engines. What happens to car engines when they are overloaded? Do they overheat? Yes! They overheat, our brain also react the same.

Our body works better when it gets regular rest. It’s hardwired to pulse and performs better when you renew the energy at regular intervals.

  • Plan And Visualize Your Task Ahead

Planning has a very big positive impact when it comes to work completion. It saves you from time wastage since you will have less chaos or spend minimum time thinking of what to do next.

You can save an hour or so when it comes to the execution part. Since your mind is already tuned into those task. You will be able to complete them in less time than it usually takes.

  • The Two-Ticks Method

This method was introduced to me by my Boss and I feel it hold a major part of time management skills. This is a method where we handle tasks based on their urgency and importance. We have a lot in our plates every day, we have meetings to attend. We have emails to reply back, we have missed calls we need to call back and so on. But how can we handle all these? That’s where Two-Tick methods comes in.

Take a sheet of paper or a spreadsheet, list all the tasks in front of you.

Draw two columns next to those tasks and name them urgent and important.

Now grade each of the tasks and put a tick marks in the columns accordingly.

If the task is urgent and important, then put the ticks in each of the columns. For the urgent and important ones do them immediately, continue with the same process and remember to have a do list. A do list will help you identify your accomplishments.

  • Conclusion

The above discussed skills will help you get closer to your dream and ambitions. Remember when you are properly planned you will minimize time wastage and makes you stay focused. There are several pitfalls that can deter you from practising the mentioned skills. But don’t worry I will publish them in my next blog.

All the best!

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