The Hidden Secret To Happiness At Work

The Hidden Secret To Happiness At Work

What is the Secret to Happiness?

Does happiness come from the big car you own?

Does happiness come from the big home you own?

Does happiness come from the big screen you have in your house?

Do you think happiness comes from the huge salary you are paid?

Have you ever asked yourself such kind of question? Or let me ask again, are you happy at work

The answer will always be a “No!” from a good percentage. This is because studies say that almost 80% of people who are employed are not in line with their dream job.

You will find someone who pursued an engineering course is working as a cashier in a Supermarket or a person who pursued a medicine course working as a Teller in a bank. What answer do you expect from these individuals?

From all the questions I have posted above where do you think happiness comes from?

Happiness comes from challenges

A challenge may have a negative meaning in our societies or in the world; from when I was growing up, I’ve heard many people using the word challenge to mean a problem. For instance, they assert that “I want a life without challenges or problems.”

To my own understanding, a challenge is not the same as a problem. I don’t know how you will interpret it but that is my own opinion. If you have solved all the challenges in your life then life is going to be boring.

Let me give an example to prove that happiness lies in challenges.

Sometimes back you were a kid. Let me be specific, a kid living in upcountry because I stayed there from my childhood to adulthood.

As our traditional norm, we believed that going to Nairobi was a big achievement. Leave alone that, just coming close to the bus was an achievement as a kid, those days there was only one Company called Akamba Bus.

The day I got that chance to travel to Nairobi using Akamba bus, I was extra excited because to me it was an achievement. I had the challenge to travel on a bus, but I made it on that first day. What was next? Happiness!


As a kid, you did not know how to ride a bicycle, drive a car or cook.

You also had challenges as a kid and then you grew up and overcame all the challenges.

How did you felt the day you learned to balance the bicycle for the first time?

How did you felt when you first took the motorbike or a car by yourself?

Happiness comes from finding a solution to a challenge, which you thought you couldn’t.

Secret to happiness

Before you started what you are doing now, in the initial days, you could confidently say that you are not good at it. Then you found out it is easy now, while many people are still struggling to learn the same thing.

There is happiness at any moment of achievement. And then there is the satisfaction of being skilled at something, and this lasts longer than happiness.

Happiness At Work

Happiness at work comes when a challenge solved, that you thought you were unable to do.

When I started learning digital marketing back in 2016, I had several challenges: First I never had a laptop or a stable internet. I was also wondering where I will gain the content and ideas to build my blogs.

Then I thought of other questions,

Will people love or read my blogs?

Will I be able to start my own digital marketing consultancy? Whether small or big.

By then I had completed my course in Housekeeping And Laundry Techniques and I wondered even more;

Will I secure any job to support me?

The list keeps going, and this is all I need to find happiness in the future.

They say happiness is in the journey and not the destination. There are milestones in the journey and each milestone gives some happiness.

Can You Buy Happiness With Money?

No! We can’t buy happiness. Many people have the mentality that money is the secret to happiness.

To some extent, money can buy you happiness because you can buy good things with money, including big cars, big houses or apartments or help you take some amazing vacation and many things in this world that money can buy.

To be honest, I too desire all the good things money can buy. But hard truth is that all of them are short-lived. It is fun for a short period and there is nothing wrong with having such fun, but it is important that money cannot buy you long term happiness and satisfaction.

Imagine how you were excited when you got the toy you wanted as a kid and later on you were bored with it.

Tv series are good for killing boredom but if you watch the same series all the time, it will be boring eventually.

New computer games, new vacations, new clothes, and many others just make us feel good but then it becomes the norm. It becomes boring and stops giving us happiness.

Many people are still thinking that they could chase money and they can get all the happiness they want, so people work extra hard, and try to make more money. Finally, they find out that even after buying all the things they want, they are still not happy and they still don’t learn.

They think they need more to buy happiness and work even extra hard at the cost of their health, they don’t even find time to eat. And finally, they have enough and they don’t have the health to enjoy it then Game Over.

Level Up The Challenges

When you start playing a new video game, it is difficult at first level, when you complete the first level, you feel happy. A sense of achievement.

You thought you couldn’t make it and now you just did. So, what an amazing feeling!

However, you can’t keep playing at the same level all the time, it will be boring.

Always aim higher and create your own challenge that can keep you growing.

Don’t Take Up Very Difficult Challenges

Take a challenge but don’t make a mistake of taking up an impossible task. For instance, don’t take a task to build an airplane and you are aware it is impossible.

If you force yourself to take a challenge that is above your competence you will find frustration and anxiety, not happiness.

You need to level up your challenges at work that is in line with your skill and competence.

Try To Be In The Flow State

The best way to find out if you are at the right level of ability and achieve happiness at work is to check if you are able to get into the flow state.

When writing this blog I don’t how much time has passed because am totally absorbed into the flow state and forget that it is lunchtime.

Strike the balance between the challenges and your skill level.

When you do a work that is above your capability, you will be overwhelmed and frustrated, and that can affect your ambition.

With each step of growth, you will have an immense level of happiness and satisfaction.

All the best!

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