Skills that are important for one to become a digital marketer

Skills that are important for one to become a digital marketer

Some or all that are reading this blog may have the skills I am going to discuss in this article but trust me these are the basic foundation of digital marketing, one cannot start digital marketing without. Digital marketing is a dynamic career in the Kenyan market. It requires a lot of creativity and innovation because everything keeps on changing. A marketer must have the ability to identify up-and-coming opportunities, on top of having the basic skills of a brilliant marketer.

That’s why most of the blogs I have been reading about the skills that a digital marketer should have, they always discuss the following:

#01: Content & creative excellence

For one to be a digital marketer he/ she should be well composed with the contents of topics and well creative enough to think from all perspectives. A marketer who can separate themselves from their work will navigate with an objective eye that works-not just what they hoped would work.

#02: WordPress Management

A digital marketer should understand the features and components of WordPress. He/she must be able to understand different plugins and their functions in WordPress. You don’t have to be a developer but you must understand the basics of a WordPress.

#03 Photo editing skills

Digital marketing works hand in hand with visuals, it’s the visual that attracts the readers to view a particular blog or article. A marketer should be well contented with the photo editing skills in order to impress the viewers.

#04: Data analysis

Digital marketing requires both creative thinking and analytical thinking. It is important to bring “art and science” in each digital program. Digital marketing allows us to be very measurable -even for beautiful creative campaigns -using analytics to develop future strategies. You don’t have to be a certified analysis specialist but you should understand how A/B split testing works.

#05: Passion

If you are not passionate about digital marketing, you cannot learn because it is not one-time learning. As I have said earlier Digital marketing requires creativity and innovation. All these cannot happen without passion for what you do.

#06: Learn by doing

It is very easy to study various techniques. But the actual learning happens when you put into practice what you have studied. Gain knowledge every day and practice every day because digital marketing is very demanding in terms of time.

#07: Urge to learn and stay updated

Digital marketing is evolving and it changes overnight. You need able to grasp knowledge on any advancement. You need to also do your own research on what works for you. If it is Social media marketing then go for it and keep yourself updated.

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