List Of Services Offered At Huduma Centres

List Of Services Offered At Huduma Centres

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This is a list of government services offered at Huduma Centres in Kenya. Huduma Centres are physical one-stop-shop service centres that provide public services from a single location.

Here is a list of all government services offered at Huduma Centres in Kenya.

1. National Social Security Fund

  • Replacement of NSSF card
  • NSSF membership (individual)
  • NSSF employer registration
  • NSSF statements
  • NSSF claims/benefits
  • Application of survivor benefits

2. National Hospital Insurance Fund

  • Replacement of NHIF card
  • NHIF membership registration
  • Amendment of existing membership

3. Kenya Revenue Authority

  • KRA PIN registration and PIN update
  • Tax compliance certificate application
  • KRA PIN data correction
  • Tax return filing (upload and submission)
  • Application of tax compliance certificate
  • Application of tax amnesty for diaspora citizens

4. National Construction Authority

  • Obtain a construction/ building permit and issuance of compliance certificate

5. Civil Registration Department

  • Birth notification/registration (immediately or within 6 months after birth)
  • Issuance of birth certificate
  • Late notification/registration of birth of children born to Kenyan parents in Kenya
  • Late notification/registration of birth of children born to Kenyan single mothers in Kenya
  • Late notification/registration of birth of adults born to non-Kenyan parents in Kenya
  • Registration of birth of Kenyans occurring abroad and issuance of Kenyan birth certificates
  • Birth re-registration upon legitimacy
  • Birth re-registration upon recognition
  • Replacement of birth certificate
  • Reporting death
  • Burial permit
  • Issuance of death certificate for all deaths occurring in Kenya
  • Late registration of death (after 3 months from the time of death)
  • Registration of death of Kenyans occurring abroad
  • Authentication/confirmation of death certificates

6. Kenya Power

  • Application for electricity connection

7. Business Name Search and Registration

  • Name search for business or company
  • Registration of business name
  • Company registration

8. National Registration Bureau

  • Getting initial identification card
  • Getting duplicate identification card
  • Changing of particulars in one’s ID card

9. Gender and Affirmative Action Funds

  • Credit services for women entrepreneurs

10. Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission

  • Registration as a voter

11. State Department for Immigration, Border Control and Registration of Persons

  • Application for a Kenyan passport
  • Application for replacement of an expired or filled up Kenyan passport
  • Replacement of lost or mutilated passport
  • Application for a temporary passport
  • Application for a VISA
  • Application for permits or passes

12. Kenya Police Service

  • Application of certificate of good conduct
  • Issuance of police abstract

13. The State Department for Labour

  • Application for older persons grant
  • Registration of self help groups
  • Registration of community based organisations
  • Renewal of self help group certificates
  • Renewal of community based organisation certificates
  • Replacement of self help group certificates
  • Replacement of community based organisation certificate

14. Ministry of Lands

  • Application of land search certificate
  • Application of land title deed
  • Processing application for change of user or extension of lease
  • Processing of application for sub-division

15. National Transport Authority

  • Online renewal of driver’s license
  • Application of a smart driver’s license

16. The National Treasury

  • Processing of pension claims documents
  • Processing of dependants pension
  • Claims for returned pensions
  • Change of pay point
  • Status of pension claim
  • Processing of Work Injury Benefits Act and Group Personal Accident Insurance claims for civil servants

17. Attorney General – Registrar of Marriages

  • Civil marriage

18. County Governments

  • Issuance of single business permit
  • Payment of rent and rates
  • Impounding charges
  • Liquor licensing
  • Processing of building plans
  • Application for water and sewerage connection
  • Single business permit
  • Payment of rent and land rates
  • Alcoholic and liquor licensing
  • Seasonal parking
  • Body mass index
  • Blood sugar
  • Blood pressure
  • Advertising permits
  • Advisory services
  • Health promotional services
  • Boda boda licensing
  • Payment of water bills
  • Advisory services on agriculture
  • Advisory services on investments
  • Advisory services on education

19. National Environmental Management Authority

  • Processing of environmental impact assessment and audit reports
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