Man-Technology Relationships Since The Old Days Of Evolution.

Man-Technology Relationships Since The Old Days Of Evolution.

Have you ever asked yourself the relationship between technology and human life?

This is a question that struck me all of a sudden from nowhere, I can’t just explain the whole process by my own but scientists can help me out.

I came to understand that there is no any other amazing creature in this world like human beings, from our evolutionary history. From our quadrupedal movement to an upright man, from hunting and eating raw meat to manufactured and processed food, from living in caves to apartments and nice homes.

Imagine from walking to using carts, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, train and finally to aeroplanes.

Again you can imagine from writing and drawing arts on stones to this modern graphic design we have today.

I can’t just mention everything but our life is full of technological advancement. But what about our marketing function, from print media, billboards, radios and television and today we have digital marketing through the internet, we have YouTube, Google, Social Media, and applications.

What amazing improvement!

Imagine there were no much of book work and they were making all these advancement. Let me give you a brief story of what made me recall this old days.

One day we were having a conversation with a digital marketing expert of which is my mentor in the industry. I was thumbing my chest of how I’m an expert.

He then asked me, Can you create a landing page?

And I replied “No”

Again, Can you do social media auditing?

I replied “No”

Can you create google ad campaign?

Again I replied “No”

In surprise he asked, then what do you know about digital marketing?

I became bold enough and told him that I have knowledge of what they are but I can’t do them.

He then smiled and said, Movine, in this creative world we can never be recognized by what we know but instead we are recognized by what we can do. Our forefathers were recognized because of their creativity that was based on their new invention day by day. They invented fire because that is what they could do during those days, they never defended themselves that they know but instead, they defended by doing what they knew.

Through this story, I came to realize that the moment we bury our minds deep into the books, we miss practicing what we know. And this never happened in the old days.

Advancement in technology is moving so fast and its value also reduces very fast. I can recall those old days when there was only one vernacular radio station in Nyanza province (Luo radio station). It was called Kisumo during those old days. If I may not be wrong it was back around 2002-2004. I want to get you closer so that you can understand how the revolution is moving so fast. Those days there was a program coming up every Sunday and it was called Abila(a program where old men were discussing cultures and taboos).

Signal was a problem so my dad had to extend aerial to the rooftop with a long wire in order to get a clear conversation. But ask yourself what happened? Today we have even wireless radio gadgets and people are more concerned about Televisions than radios. Who even buys a radio in this era? They are even cheaper than before.

Think even of HD Tvs we have today and the old ones! There is even new invention on smart Tvs that is kicking out the old ones, no one is interested on buying the old design. You see how technology is moving so fast together with the reduction on value of items and gadgets.

Again what about the mobile phones and smartphones, in 2006-2007 the cheapest phone was costing Ksh7000. What about its price today? The cheapest one is going for Ksh 800, right?

Again the cheapest smartphone was going for Ksh 15000 in 2011. And today Ksh 3000 can get you a smartphone, right?

This is how technology is leading to depreciation of gadgets and items.

Think of what you have or use today and ask yourself how it will look like in 10 years to come. Think of its price in 10 years’ time and you will understand the real revolution in our technology sector

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