Taking Traditional Marketing to New Heights

Many think traditional marketing is dead, but this is far from the truth. Traditional marketing is still as effective as it had ever been and can equally compete with the internet mode of marketing if you do things right. Digital marketing may be equally effective, but you can get a better result from your marketing … Read moreTaking Traditional Marketing to New Heights

Digital Marketing in Medical Practice

What Do You Need To Know? Advertising plays a significant role in the current business world. Various medical firms have utilized different healthcare digital marketing techniques in their product and service promotion. However, until today, most of the medical health facilities have not realized the benefit of including digital marketing in their day to day … Read moreDigital Marketing in Medical Practice

Skills that are important for one to become a digital marketer

Some or all that are reading this blog may have the skills I am going to discuss in this article but trust me these are the basic foundation of digital marketing, one cannot start digital marketing without. Digital marketing is a dynamic career in the Kenyan market. It requires a lot of creativity and innovation … Read moreSkills that are important for one to become a digital marketer