List Of Best Home Insurance Policies In Kenya

List Of Best Home Insurance Policies In Kenya

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This is a list of the best home insurance policies in Kenya. Home insurance provides protection or cover to your house plus possessions against unexpected events such as theft or fire.

Here is a list of the best home insurance plans in Kenya.

1. Makao Salama- UAP Old Mutual

Makao Salama is a unique, innovative policy that provides safety for your property, possessions, family, domestic house helps and a cover against liabilities. The plan covers you against loss of or damage to your house, the contents and personal effects because of fire, theft and other accidental occurrences.

It also provides cover to common areas like swimming pools, perimeter walls, corridors, lightning and equipment.


  • In case of a fire disaster, you will get a lump sum fund up to Kshs 50,000 to compensate for the losses.
  • When you need alternative accommodation, you will get up to 15% of your cover limit to cater for it.
  • You get covered against forced ATM withdrawals for up to Kshs 15,000.
  • Cover medical expenses up to Kshs 20,000 to your guests that are injured by domestic animals.
  • You get a personal accident cover for your family members including children and house helps.

2. Britam Home Shield Insurance

Britam Homeshield enables you to enjoy a bigger, exciting and more relevant range of benefits at an affordable price.


  • Cashback house painting loyalty bonus if you insure with them for three years, claim-free.
  • Discount of 7.5% if you pay 3-year premiums in advance.
  • Cash value for loss of rent while your building is under refurbishment.
  • Alternative accommodation in the event that your house is uninhabitable following a peril.
  • Free medical expenses for guests and domestic employees following a peril or attack by domestic animals up to the stated limit.
  • Reimbursement of costs incurred in extinguishing a fire including the cost of fire engines and municipal charges.
  • Compensation for loss or damage to goods contained in a refrigerator caused by a breakdown or explosion of refrigerating action unit or failure of the supply of electricity.
  • Death benefit of Ksh 100,000 following a peril.
  • Personal accident cover for the family.
  • Trauma treatment and spa experience following a burglary or fire incident.

3. Resolution Kenya Home Insurance Cover

The policy is designed to cover the house, contents, domestic employees as well as protect the owner against legal costs arising from incidents or accidents. It offers packages such as landlord package, homeowner package, tenant package and basic package.

Benefits Covered

The policy gives cover to compensate against losses or damage arising from any of the following causes:

  • Fire, lightning, earthquakes, storms or floods.
  • An explosion of domestic appliances.
  • Riots, strikes and malicious damage.
  • Damage caused by falling aircraft or other aerial devices.
  • Bursting or overflowing of water tanks apparatus or pipes.
  • Impact by vehicles, animals and falling trees or branches.
  • Accidental death or injuries to domestic employees.
  • Legal costs arising out of acts or omissions of the owner or occupier.
  • Loss, accidental damage and theft of items covered.

4. Jubilee Home Insurance

This is a product of Jubilee Insurance Company. The cover provides protection to the house plus possessions if stolen or damaged. It also provides personal accident cover for your house assistant, protecting you from any accidental liability.

Jubilee Insurance in conjunction with Safaricom offers an annual home insurance package to Safaricom Home Fibre customers, with an option of paying for your premiums monthly.

5. Heritage Insurance Domestic Package

This is a package cover designed specifically for your residence. It is arranged to cater for almost everything you have worked hard for in your household including; buildings, the contents, electronics, domestic servants, sports equipment and pets.

The policy extends to include your personal liability either as an owner or an occupier of the premises to third parties, for damage to third party property or death/injury to third parties arising out of the premises.

6. Home Owners Insurance Solution – AAR Insurance

AAR Insurance provides a comprehensive, tailor-made and affordable Home Owners Insurance solution. The cover enables you as a homeowner to enjoy the benefits of several policies in a single package. The policy is offered only on buildings that are occupied solely as private dwelling houses.

7. APA Home Insurance

This is a product of APA Insurance company. The policy provides cover to homeowners against accidental loss or damage to their property caused by fire & lightning, explosion, earthquake, storm & tempest, riot & strike, malicious damage, theft, bursting and overflowing of water tanks, the impact of objects falling from aircraft or aerial device.

The main products features include:

  • Building section, which covers a private dwelling house including domestic outbuildings, walls, gates and fences.
  • Contents section, which caters for furniture, household goods, personal effects of every description, property of the insured or any member of his family residing with him.
  • All risks section that provides cover in respect to specified portable and valuable items which are carried outside the house.
  • WIBA section. This covers domestic servants in respect of injury, death or disease arising out of and in the course of employment.
  • Owners ‘/Occupiers’ liability section. This covers liabilities as a result of death or injury to third parties and damage to third party property due to negligence of the owner or occupier.

8. CIC Domestic Insurance – CIC Insurance Group

CIC Domestic Insurance provides protection in cases of loss or damage to personal property, injury to domestic workers in the course of duty and personal liability. It is incredibly affordable.


  • It pays to repair or rebuild your home if it is damaged or destroyed by fire, lightning, storm or other perils listed on your policy.
  • Covers loss or damage to personal belongings if they are destroyed by fire or other insured perils.
  • The cover caters for items that are taken out of the house like jewellery, laptop, computers, mobile phones, cameras and many others.
  • The cover extends to domestic workers for injury or death arising from domestic work.
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