List Of Best Banks For Business Accounts In Kenya

List Of Best Banks For Business Accounts In Kenya

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This is a list of the best banks for business accounts in Kenya. Having a proper business account is very crucial for the success of your business. It is very important to bank with the best banks that offer reliable services and products that best suit the needs of your business.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best banks for business accounts in Kenya.

1. Standard Chartered Bank

The bank offers a comprehensive range of business accounts to suit your unique business profile. This includes business accounts such as;

Safari Savings Business Account

An interest-bearing current account that offers attractive interest rates with liquidity, ideal for businesses with surplus funds.

Business Foreign Currency Account

It is a non-interest bearing current account that is available in major foreign currencies. It offers free online banking and discounts on transactional charges depending on monthly total business credit.

Business Current Account

This is a non-interest bearing fully enabled current account that offers preferential pricing on transactions and remittances. It is a one stop solution for all your transactions, payments and cash management needs with preferential pricing for selected services.


  • Initial deposit of Kshs 100,000.
  • No minimum monthly average balance.


  • Business account opening form.
  • Company memorandum and articles of association.
  • Financial statement for most recent 12 months.
  • Certificate of incorporation/ registration.

2. KCB 

KCB offers a lot business products and accounts such as the current account, learning institution account, community account, telco dealer & agent account and various business savings accounts.

Current Account

This is the best bet for your growing business, with requirements of frequent transaction and multiple payment.


  • No minimum operating balance.
  • Easy access to account transfer.
  • Free monthly statements.
  • Access to loans up to 3 million, overdrafts and other credit facilities.


  • Certificate of registration/ incorporation.
  • VAT certificate.
  • Valid trading licence.
  • Company’s partnership deed where applicable.
  • Board resolution, where applicable.

Account Rates & Fees

  • Zero opening and operating balance.
  • Maintenance charge of Kshs 300.
  • Over the counter withdrawal charge of Kshs 200.
  • ATM withdrawal, Kshs 300.
  • Local currency bankers cheque, Kshs 200.

3. Absa

Absa is a business oriented bank that offers business accounts such as Fadhili, Absa One Business Account, and Zidisha Business Savings Account.

Absa One Business Account

With this account, you enjoy the ease and convenience of doing all your business banking from one account with zero maintenance fees and no minimum balance.

Features & Benefits

  • Zero monthly fees. You only pay for the transaction cost.
  • Absa debit card with daily ATM withdrawal limit of Kshs 100,000.
  • Monthly cashback on all debit card usage.
  • Secure digital banking.
  • Multi-currency prepaid card.
  • Internet money transfer services.
  • Business overdraft facilities.
  • Unsecured business loans with higher limits and longer repayment period.
  • Unsecured LPO financing up to Kshs 12 million and invoice discounting of up to Kshs 50 million.
  • Insurance solutions for you and your business.
  • Guaranteed cashback rewards when you take up additional products.

4. Diamond Trust Bank (DTB)

DTB is an award winning tier 1 lender in Kenya. It emerged among the best SME banks in the 2021 Think Business Awards. The best business account it offers is the DTB Current Account.

DTB Current Account

It is a transaction account with a flexible pay as you go price structure, that is, zero transaction, zero charges and no monthly fees.


  • Access to debit card as per tariff.
  • Free access to e-statements.
  • Access to cheque books as per tariff.
  • Access to mobile banking.
  • No opening amount.
  • No minimum balance.


  • National ID.
  • Valid passport and foreign certificate (for foreigners).
  • One passport size photo.
  • KRA PIN.
  • Proof of physical address ( lease agreement/ utility bill indicating name and physical address).

5. Credit Bank

Credit Bank was recognised as the best digital bank and the most innovative SME bank in Kenya by International Business Magazine Awards in 2021. It offers the best business accounts for SMEs and corporates. The bank has tailored solutions that give you full control over your business finances.


NCBA is one of the best banks in Kenya. It offers business accounts to help your business grow with flexible lending options. The bank’s business accounts include;

Business Collection Account

It is for businesses that do high-volume, high value transaction such as schools, churches and real estate management. It is a unique account created to provide you with a cost effective banking solution.

Business Current Account

It is designed for young businesses that want flexible banking to accommodate their transaction volume.

7. SBM Bank

SBM is a top tier bank aiming to be a catalyst for economic growth in Kenya. It offers an extensive suit of products and services that encompass deposits, lending, trade finance, leasing, stock broking, asset management, insurance and investment products as well as a range of payment services. The bank provides a range of financial services to corporate, small and medium enterprises in Kenya.

8. Equity Bank

Equity is an award-winning bank that has for years been crowned as the best bank by the Think Business Awards. It offers products and services that suit the needs of business people from all backgrounds. For business purposes, it offers accounts such as the current account, investment account and social institution account.

Equity Current Account

It is a convenient and flexible medium for a range of transactions. It is ideal for individuals (single or jointly), groups and registered entities.


  • No minimum operating balance
  • None interest earning
  • No monthly charges
  • Full access to mobile banking
  • No maintenance fees
  • No ledger fees
  • Access to overdraft facilities
  • Cash and cheque deposits.


  • Over the counter cash withdrawal charge.
  • Agency withdrawal charge.
  • ATM withdrawal charge.
  • Cheque book at Kshs 17.50 per leaf.
  • Free funds transfer to other equity accounts.
  • 3rd party charges apply, eg Swift and Pesalink.
  • Free standing order set-up and transaction.
  • Free periodic and email statements.
  • Payment card, Kshs 600, exclusive of taxes.

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