How Small businesses Are Adopting Blockchain Technology

How Small businesses Are Adopting Blockchain Technology

Over a long period, various technology has emerged a lot, and also they have a powerful influence on small businesses. Websites and mobile apps help customers to improve their 24/7 interactions. It enables a broad reach to a more extensive portion of the market space.

All business owners and entrepreneurs need to keep updating with the recent technologies and try to implement them into their business.

If you want to adopt blockchain technology, then you need to hire a blockchain developer or a blockchain development company.

Are you aware of the kind of technologies available on the current trend?

Several entrepreneurs have not realized it yet, but Blockchain and bitcoin can be a game-changer to your business. They can position your business at the top in the market space.

Check at the latest technologies and how it would benefit your business.


What is Bitcoin?

Before merging this recent technology with your business, you need to know what it is and how to use it to benefit your business. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. It is a kind of decentralized digital currency where one can send money from one user to another using the p2p networks. You are legible to make any bitcoin transactions without centralized servers.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain was invented by a person “Satoshi Nakamoto” in 2008 to process the public transaction ledger of the cryptocurrency coin (first digital currency). The identification of a person is unknown. The Blockchain, by the word which says what it is.

Generally, Blockchain is a collection of records stored in every block which is more secure and linked to each other by the use of cryptography. Each block has a cryptographic hash of the previous block.

What makes Blockchain more Powerful?

Blockchain is an openly distributed ledger that is capable of storing every transactional record occurring between two individuals in an effective and verified manner. Using Blockchain technology, you can process any transaction without incorporating centralized servers. And also, the information is easily accessible to everyone.

The examples of live blockchains beyond bitcoin include a dash, monero, ethereum, and litecoin. Each of them has some benefits in transaction privacy, costs, and ability to perform transaction volume when compared to bitcoin, but none of them are so popular.

Then, How Can Bitcoin Technology Help Your Small Business?

Smart Contracts

If you don’t understand this concept, then let me give a light explanation about it. A smart contract is an automatic-verifying contract.

Just imagine a combination of a computer program and a contract. With the traditional arrangements, there was a third party to create the contract. It also ensures that every person to participate besides it and if the procedure allows or not.

Smart contracts automate the whole process. For instance, let say you have a restaurant you will have to build a relationship with many supply agencies like meat suppliers and again with customers who will pay you for events and parties. These are some of the arguments available in those relationships.

Smart contracts will be the solution to all the problems than traditional contracts. Traditional contracts will push you to prove you had funding, most preferably with documentation from your investors, banks, and the lawyers will have to scrutinize everything. But with the smart contract, there is automation in all the processes.

Money Transfers and Payment

It is one of the most popular blockchain applications for receiving and sending payments. By the sense that Blockchain has cryptocurrency beginnings. But, how will it exactly benefit small ventures? By going for this technology, you can transfer money directly and securely to everyone instantly at a small fee. Transferring funds from one person to another using the bank will accrue some high charges for single transactions. This kind of system is usually suitable if you have remote employees who are in the global market.

Supply Chain Management:

When an entrepreneur placed an order with the supplier, it very simple to know who’s on the other end of the transaction. But the business owner precisely who the supplier is. With the transparency into the chain of supply, Blockchain allows the business owner to know each company that is tied up in creating, growing, or manufacturing any item.

These kinds of information are essential in a situation of a product recall or when a company requires identification of ethical sourcing or to avoid buying pirated items.

Streamline Employee Verification:

In any case, small business owners are unable to afford to create their HR department; blockchain technology is the solution. In the coming future, this technology will eliminate the background check. And hence save time to verify information on a potential employee resume by self-automation.


Blockchain technology is the most emerging and fast-growing technology since 2008. Small ventures should upgrade to the new and exciting technology every single of operations. They should embrace innovations and inventions.

Bitcoin is the most volatile technique with no valuation guarantee. It is now a matter of when, not if, every business will take a step to blockchain technology to propel within the market space.

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