How my writing skills Secured me a free air ticket to Dubai

How my writing skills Secured me a free air ticket to Dubai

It’s now two weeks ago since we had an interview with one of the most top content marketers in Kenya. his story was so emotional and inspiring. It was a long interview, but I’m going to break it down in this blog to ensure you capture the major lessons that were captured in this story. I’m going to use John to represent his name since he is someone who loves his private life and doesn’t like publicity. Look at what he said!

“My name is John, I do content marketing but writing has been my talent from childhood and that is what propelled me to content marketing. As you know content marketing involves creating content that will educate and will be appealing to customers, you must have the writing skills before marketing skills. I started my journey in content marketing sometimes back in 2015. After my graduation in 2013, life became so miserable without a job, I was losing my great friends every day since I had nothing to offer them.

I was staying in my parents’ house until the age of 22 years old and this made me felt like I was a failure leading to my isolation from friends. Most of the time I was spending alone. So I decided to start nurturing my writing skills and from that, a friend introduced me to freelance writing. This is where I derived content marketing knowledge. I met a client who loved my work and offered me a free air ticket to go and meet him in Dubai for a face to face appreciations from his family.

 As content marketers, we are much drawn to statistics. We always take a close look at the daily traffic, the daily traffic coming from organic search, the number of comments on the blog post and the search engine ranking to come up with keyword and the content.

Content marketing is a creative field fixed with science. In many forms of art, technology is not involved. Musicians, book authors, painters and so on do not need to worry about how to make technology work. The content that we create and write should have a focus on content production. Many times, we forget what helped us grow of which we shouldn’t. Like in my case, writing helped develop my content marketing skills so I should be doing a lot of practice every day.”

This is the summary of what he shared with us, I hope it will be an inspiration to you.

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