How Do We Build Team Work?

How Do We Build Team Work?

Teamwork is something important in every environment, from our churches, schools, and at the workplace. Teamwork is built on humility, it works best when we are able to understand and ready to listen to others. Our relationships and performance or productivity are directly linked up and so we can’t ignore any of them. With a poor relationship, there will be poor performance and productivity.

Establishing cordial relationships among employees and building teamwork is always on the priority list of leaders. Let me give brief a story of leadership skills from my manager that inspired me sometimes back.

As a man it’s always awkward to shed tears, but on that day I was almost shedding tears. It was on November last year. We had our departmental manager who was lenient to everyone and was a friend to everyone. He could handle any issue with humility and ensure there is final solution.

What I loved about him was on how he was involving everyone in the department. He was advising everyone to participate in discussions that opinion was needed.

So let me tell you what triggered my emotions. It was a normal day and shift was running as normal. So after the end of our shift he called us to have some urgent meeting on that evening.

We rushed to that meeting, and do you know the first statement he uttered? This is what he said,

“Good evening team? Can you imagine this department running without me?”

I looked around and everyone had a gloomy face, the message was very clear that he was not going to be part of our team again. I can tell you separating with your best team member is like breaking up in a relationship with someone you truly love. We got hurt but later on, we got healed.

From this situation I learned that if you have strong team no one will be willing to lose each other, the relationship between them will also be stronger.

Now let’s get back to our topic!

The responsibility of building a team is in the hands of the manager that ensures there is a massive improvement on overall productivity and corporate goals are achieved. Building teamwork requires a lot of effort beyond being verbally determined to it. It needs teamwork building skills and taking the right steps.

Below are my researched steps of building a team at the workplace. Before you start groundwork, you need to gather information regarding the business so that you can know the basic knowledge and details of that particular brand. It will give you an easy time for the execution of your ideas. Let’s go to the steps!

  • Proper and well detailed Communications

The basic key in building teamwork is communication, it goes hand in hand on the power of influence as a leader. As a result, the information should be diversely communicated. Besides, there should be a smooth communication between the team. This can also be achieved by organizing corporate team building events that will bring together and improve the relationship between them.

  • Clarify goals

It is always hard and impossible to build teamwork where employees don’t understand the corporate goals and how their responsibilities relate to achieving those goals. Based on this employees must be trained and should be made to understand the meaning of each activity as it relates to the overall goal. They should also be given clear roles and be aware of the hierarchy in the organization.

  • Encourage collaboration

Collaboration and solving problems jointly as a team is required when building teamwork. Involve every member in every activity that their participation is needed and every task the group is undertaking. As a leader, you should set as an example by collaborating and contributing to getting all problems solved.

  • Establish leadership base

Establishment of strong and effective leadership is required when building teamwork. To be an effective leader does not mean to be authoritative or dictatorial but be able to influence teammates without any hustles. The influence motivates the team to work effectively on any task with or without supervision. Effective leadership promotes trust, transparency, honesty and hard work.

  • Connection between employees

Creation of corporate team building events will enable employees to familiarize themselves with one another. It can be any exercise that will allow them to build trust and learn to depend on one another. This will consequently improve productivity and effectiveness. The events can also be a work place wellness program. After work party or lunch which allows them to value one another. Establishing escape rooms, social events, fundraising outdoor activities and indoor activities can also be part of the solutions.

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