How can you Make Money From  Websites? Free Gift from us!

How can you Make Money From Websites? Free Gift from us!

We are posting this and we will never do any post of the same soon!

There is this big mistake that many professionals do every day without realizing the impacts; When creating websites for their businesses or brands, most of them look for the best designers that will give them a distinctive pattern of which is good. But design alone will not generate sales and leads and so much is needed to create a funnel that will do both of the two.

Designing is essential to websites because it entails security, loading speed and navigation. All of the three are very relevant since they give browsers comfortability, easy accessibility and make them feel more secure with their personal details and data.

The critical mistake they do is “Poor Copywriting.” And,

What is Copywriting?

This is the process of making sales through written words. we believe you’ve come across emails or messages from some companies trying to sell you some products they have in stores. Or you’ve come across some brochures. If yes, then those are sales copies or copywriting examples we are talking about.

Many business owners create poor, low quality and substandard content to convert viewers into paying customers. Later on, they give up and fail to renew their websites based on the fact that they are making no profit.

Let’s assume you are making cakes, and then you go ahead to write on your website that, “I’m David Chipukizee, I make cakes and I’m based in Nairobi.” First, you’ve not recognized your customers, why they should buy from you, what is unique about your cakes and why they should choose over others available in the market. With this style, you will automatically lose.

Check on the second scenario,

“Thank you for Visiting Us.
We understand that you may be looking for some information concerning cakes. Or maybe you have a party and so looking for a perfect cake to make your friends, family and even colleagues happy. We would Like to assure you that you are in the right place………..”

In the second scenario, you’ll realize the introduction itself is enough to convince a customer to even dive deeper into your website. You can also talk about discounts, free delivery, and some ingredients that are used, and you feel they are beneficial to consumers’ health. And that is how copywriting skills can help you earn much more money from your website.

The website is like your customer care, which is in operations 24/7. It represents you even when you’re enjoying your dreams on a bed, and so you need to have content that will convert visitors or viewers to buy your products or services with or without you.

A good copywriting for websites should give customers full information about your business, benefits, and your unique selling point (USP) within the shortest time possible.

Why are we writing this today? And Who are we?

We knew that it would be your next question, and we are giving you an answer now before we flap our keypads. So many people call us Internet Guys not because we make internet connections to homes or people’s premises but because we spend most of our time on the internet trying to come up with ideas that work in this creative economy.

As part of giving back to society during this hard time of the pandemic, we’ve partnered to spearhead and provide digital marketing support to brands and Companies. The partnership is between Ayege Movine a digital marketer(Email Marketing Specialist) and Alvine Chasia who is a founder and SEO strategist at Global Desarts Media Company. We are planning to give out our services for 10-15 businesses at a free cost. We will be doing website auditing and help you come up with strategies that will improve your conversion rate in terms of leads and sales.

Our Contacts:

For those who don’t have websites and planning to have, we will also help with ideas. Social Media auditing is also included in this package. Hurry up now and stand a chance to change your website into a profit-generating machine. First come, first serve policy applies.

Alvine Chasia- Chasia@globaldesartsmedia.co.ke or call 0720744763

Ayege MovineMovine@globaldesartsmedia.co.ke or call 0731049103

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