Eric Omondi Lands Mega Deal after meeting Businessman Jimmy Wanjigi

Eric Omondi lands mega deal after meeting billionaire businessman Jimmy Wanjigi.

Comedian Eric Omondi is smiling all the way to the bank after meeting billionaire businessman Jimmy Wanjigi and officially landing the role as his chief campaigner.

“We have agreed that in the coming months, I will be communicating Wanjigi’s vision for Kenyans,” the comedian revealed to Standard entertainment.

The meeting comes days after Eric was trolled on social media for endorsing the flamboyant wheeler-dealer for the top office in his ‘fagia wote’ campaign. In his campaign, Eric urged the youth to vote wisely, get rid of recycled politicians, and go for youthful, fresh leadership.

Netizens, however, blasted him for endorsing the tycoon, insisting that the move was owing to his deep pockets. “You forgot to indicate it’s a paid partnership,” a fan mocked. 

However, the comedian insists that Wanjigi was his pick, and they had never deliberated about his campaign before meeting at his Muthaiga residence this morning.

“This was our very first physical meeting and he has shared with me his manifesto and development agenda for Kenya. Now I’m his official spokesperson who’ll break down and convey his agenda to Kenyans,” the comedian revealed.

Though he declines to disclose how much the agreement settled for, Eric laughs the question off, saying, “That’s how I’m going to the bank. Laughing not smiling,” hinting that they may have agreed upon a sizable figure.

Omondi insists he has no regrets endorsing the billionaire businessman for office in 2022 and describes the online trolls as just another casual day with Kenyans.

ERIC OMONDI on Twitter: "We now begin a journey to take back our  country!!we are calling upon every young man and every young woman to be on  standby.Enough is Enough! #Fagiawote… https://t.co/tubACWaHK2"

“It doesn’t move me. Kenyans of a different opinion than yours will always feel entitled to bash you. It is everyone’s right to support their candidate and I’m no different. That’s why I have pledged my support to his ideology having seen his track record as the leading businessman in the county,” he says.

Eric shared a video as Wanjigi gave him a tour of his exquisite mansion, which includes a helipad in his front lawn and is also rumored to house an underground bunker.