Effective Email Marketing trends in 2020? Here Are The Secrets

Effective Email Marketing trends in 2020? Here Are The Secrets

Email is a medium of communication that has evolved over the years to form part of digital marketing. It has proven to be one of the digital channels that have helped several businesses to penetrate markets. Email marketing can be used to reach a massive number of customers at a time and find their feedbacks immediately.

Email marketing can assist brands in reaching out to their customers from all corners of the world. If you have been using email for either marketing or as a communication channel, then you have the benefits.

There are no restrictions or extra cost when it comes to email marketing. The return on investment is also high as compared to other marketing tools. Consumers’ demands attitudes and habits have changed due to the new advancement of technology. So marketing experts and marketers take a closer view of the latest trends predicted to design robust marketing campaigns.

As a digital marketer, take a moment to pause and asses the existing email marketing strategies together with the predicted policies. It will help you capture suitable skills that will enable you to cope with the pace of competition in the market. You can achieve amazing results when you analyze reports from the previous years to identify your learning curve. Through the stories and learning curve, you can showcase your weaknesses and fix them to come up with excellent results.

If you are a small business owner who plays management and marketing role, this blog will plant some hope in you.  No one understands the unique structure and strengths of your business more than you. So, put on your marketing role and grasps notes of these 2019 trends to build best email marketing strategy.

2019 trends to improve your email marketing strategy

Below is the list of the 2019 trends you need to dive into and the tactics to use to design more powerful email campaigns.


How do you feel when you are identified within the crowd by the actual name? You will feel amazed. And you will turn back to check on how the came to know your name. It is the same approach you need to apply in email marketing to attract more attention from your subscribers. Sending them personalized with a popular subject and information will they push them to open your emails? Add tags and segmenting your email list will help send more targeted emails that trigger necessary action from the readers.

What steps to put into place?

·      Begin segmenting email addresses and add tags

·      Apply purchase and browsing history to design customized emails


To improve your email marketing through automation, you need to understand your customers browsing behaviours. Know the exact hours of the day when a good number of them are online. Use Google Analytics to come up with suitable reports to help you run successful email marketing campaigns. Loop the power of automation for your campaigns and send an appropriate message at the right time.

Automation will improve conversion rates, and allow the engagement between your brand and customers. You will also be able to send a series of automated emails, in the right order and at the right time

What can support your automation?

·      Design an automatic email response series for every new and existing subscriber

·      Create reminder emails to connect with non-openers

·      Create a well-composed sequence of information sharing

Referral marketing

You can grow your business network through customers who had already engaged with your brand. Referral marketing is the strategy to apply to improve your brand network. You can urge your customers to review your business to widen the possibilities for new customers to spot your brand. Create email requesting your customers to review and refer your business to more other customers. Motivate them through:

·      Giving incentives to people referring your company to others

·      Ask customers to review your products and services every time make an order.

·      Provide a simple reference and review procedures

Visual marketing

Visual marketing attracts more attention more than text marketing. The secret is to use suitable pictures that are relevant to contents, message, and is relating to your business that will help customers to understand easily. The new trend calls for real images to which customers can link. Make it look good and impressive to capture more attention. You can pick and capture diversified, behind the scenes, or story-based visuals that speak directly to a specific audience.

The following are the tactics to explore:

·      Collect suitable and actual images from your day-to-day activities

·      Enrol for some design and photography courses

·      Request users to share your pictures on the platforms

·      Collect photos at every event

·      Create attractive stories with images

Interactive emails

The basis of email marketing is the experimentation of different email campaigns. You need to begin experimenting right away. People are receiving several emails every day, and they are used to it. So you need to come up with your unique selling points. Then, solve this by creating emails that interact with your readers. Make them feel like it is a face-face conversation. You can apply the use of elements like GIFs, polls, surveys. You can as well put in a component of gamification like scratch cards or “spin-to-win strategy to pull in the attention. You get your subscriber’s interest to the following level and enhance engagement by using interactive emails.

The following are the key ideas:

·      Find and create related GIFs

· Tryout gamification elements to enthuse curiosity

·      Maintain interactive features easy and funny

·      Combine surveys and polls to your emails

Event Marketing

In case you are planning an online event or an offline event, you first need to stress on developing a plan. Events create some excitements to people and can give you a comprehensive platform to engage and interact with your audience. It will help you interact with other brands and businesses to provide your customers with a long-lasting experience. Instagram and Facebook Live are reframing 2019 social media trends.

Find the necessary strategies to adopt below:

·      Create a forum related events discussions

·      You can go live on Instagram and Facebook to provide behind the scenes sneak peek

·      Design event through marketing email series leading up to the event


Email marketing trends in 2019 are amazing. They are easy to apply and practice to improve the marketing function of your business. Add some creativity, and there will be a wide gap in revenue change

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