Do What You Dislike To Get You What You Like.

Do What You Dislike To Get You What You Like.

How To Do what You Dislike To Get What You Like

We don’t have direct control over how life unfolds but we have some indirect control that can slightly change some things but not everything. This is why I came up with this subject line to inspire other souls that are almost giving up. Sometimes we just have to do what we dislike to help us get where we aim at. We have to do jobs that we don’t like to help us land or get us our dream jobs.

I’m a guy who advocates thinking big and having intimidating dreams. However I came to understand that if you get yourself attached to your dreams and goals, you finally might end up hurting yourself.

Everything am doing today are not among the dreams I had when I was growing up. I had big dreams. I never imagined or thought that one day I will be a housekeeper, digital marketer and at some point be a security guard. All of them came along my way.

I had a dream of becoming mechanical engineer when I was growing up. But what happened? Today am not even close to this dream, I feel it is forgone though I can still follow it and become good at it.

It is like steering a ship, you might get swayed by winds and might not able to stick to your route. But you can always turn the radar to get back on track.

If you worry too much about the path you take to reach your goal, consequently there is a high chance that you will choose on the obvious path that as a result may leads you directly to the goal. It is always based on your life experience and what we have at that point.

Let’s say you make plan to move from one point to another there is a zero probability that things would unfold exactly the way you expected them to be. You only find it out with trial and error.

You need to let yourself get swayed by wind of opportunities that are represented to you. Life is full of ups and downs, there are some days you will feel you are totally down and the days you will feel you are at the top of the earth.

Have you ever realized that you might have many roads that lead to common destination? This is why you should consider doing what you dislike to get you what you want.

I’m a housekeeper and I use it to fix my dream to become digital marketer. I raise funds from this job to support my dream. I invest a lot into this both time and money. I only sleep for three hours while others enjoy the whole twelve hours. Sometimes I don’t even find time to socialize with my friends.

If some opportunities come up in your life and if you believe you are going to enjoy them, then say yes very loud.I landed my housekeeping job though it was not in line with digital marketing. For instance I never turned it down because I believed I was going to enjoy it and upto today I still enjoy it.

Learn to respect your job so long it is paying your bills, support your family and many others that depend on you. You will always get to understand and feel the impact the day it will be gone, that day when everyone will be hanging up your calls.

To make it clear and help you understand; Let me give you examples of my life experience. I’ve always wanted to be entrepreneur and run my own start up.

I’ve always wanted to be in a profitable market with my amazing team. I’ve also wanted build a personal brand and be known as expert in digital marketing. Those are coming into reality now.

 I’m running Otitek Media Solutions which is a start-up as digital marketing consultancy. The other ones am projecting to come may be in the next six month.

What point am I bringing home by this content? Am trying to help you understand on how doing what you dislike can help you get what you like.

In conclusion and to sum up on this; don’t underestimate what you are doing and where you are, all are just a foundation. Build something creative from it, design a nice house from that foundation.

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