Crazy Kennar Biography, Age, Real Name, Career, Girlfriend, Net Worth

 Crazy Kennar Biography, Age, Real name, Career, Girlfriend, Net worth

The youths have been greatly  empowered by social media and the internet.  By this they can freely share their skills and make money out of the creativity. New creative ways have emerged. Taking over long gone days when the dependence and reliance on normal activities was at peak. The Kenyan youth can therefore work comfortably and earn a living from their own craft. Comedian Kennar ( Tales of Crazy Kennar) is the subject of this article. We will look into the biography of this University student. He is constantly making people laugh and continually securing his bag.

Crazy Kennar Age and Place of Birth

Crazy Kennar real name is Kennedy Odhiambo. He is a young Kenyan using social media platform to have fun and entertain his viewers. He was born in Nairobi from where he started his education as a young boy.

Crazy Kennar Education Background

Kennar went to Sacred Heart in Nairobi Babadogo for his primary school tutoring. From here he then joined high school at Ringa Boys in Homa Bay County. He did well in his high school exams, acquiring a chance at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology as an Actuarial Science undergraduate.

Crazy Kennar Career Journey

Comedy and play have been a love of his since his days his days in Sacred Heart. He used to take part in the yearly national music and drama festivals. He kept on with the same commitments in high school, where he recalls his mentor Mr. Andal challenged him to his first ever script writing. The script was a performance their school was to do at the festivals. He accredits his comedy career to this experience.

On campus, he started constantly shooting videos and posting them online for his fans to share. He did launch Crazy Kennar as a personal trademark name. He pooled some friends from the university and founded the Crazy Kennar Company, where he is the Director.

The team comprises himself, Omondi Stanley, Khisa Yvonne, Wanjiru Cynthia, Sakshi Bushes and Moser Stephen. They act out several skits taking up different roles and building their company together. They have established a substantial following on their YouTube channel tagged Tales of the Crazy Kennar. The Channel was set up three years ago In July and has attracted more subscription ever since.

Their content is primarily focused on Kenyan schools, politicians, music, homes and clubs. They also, under Kennars leadership run brand partnerships earning them money. They use the platform to educate and shine light on mental issues such as depression among the youth.

Crazy Kennar Personal life, Dating, Girlfriend

Kennedy Odhiambo has disclosed that he is in love with someone. The comedian has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Natalie Asewe for the past 12 years. Originally, Kennar was thought to be dating the equally talented Cartoon. The two appeared in Base by Safaricom in matching Kitenge outfits sparking rumors of a relationship.

Crazy Kennar Net Worth and Assets

Kennars YouTube account makes him an average of kshs. 150,000 per month. This is couples with series of endorsements with bands earing him more income. YouTube has proven to be genuine source of income when the actors produce high-quality content that manages to attract thousands of fans. The crew has also bagged several endorsement contacts in the nation.

Instant Delicacies Launched by Crazy Kennar

Instant Delicacies, a new restaurant was officially launched on May 25th, 2021. It is located at the Juja Square.

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