“Broke” and “Jobless”- Moi’s Grandson Says He Cannot Afford Sh1 Million Child Upkeep

The late President Daniel Moi’s grandson Collins Kibet has shocked the court after alleging that he is unable to pay child support for his two children because he is broke and out of work. Kibet told the court that he can only afford to pay Sh. 500 child support which is only enough to cater for his children’s NHIF monthly fees.  Moi grandson Collins Kibet said that he has been relying on donations from friends and relatives to survive.

“I am financially strained at the moment and [unable] to offer more than what I am offering here and the applicant, who is my immediate neighbour at home ,knows this fact very well,” said Kibet. “As a result of my depression diagnosis and the resultant loss of business, my personal finances have been greatly affected to the point where I depend on the goodwill of my friends and relatives to meet my immediate needs.”

Kibet has been sued by Gladys Jeruto Tagi who is demanding Sh. 1 million in monthly child upkeep fees. Ms. Jeruto has also told the court that Kibet is her estranged husband, a statement that Kibet has denied. In a replying affidavit filed before Nakuru Principal magistrate Benjamin Limo, Kibet says that he was not in the right state of mind when he entered into a relationship with Jeruto and sired two kids.

Initially, Kibet had denied fathering the children and demanded for a DNA test. The court authorized for the test to be done. On the day of the test, Kibet failed to show up. He turned up for the test after the court threatened action on him. Test results showed that he had fathered the children. “The children exhibit a compatible obligatory paternal allelic profile with that of Collins Toroitich Moi,” the DNA report said.