Benefits of Developing a One Page Website

Benefits of Developing a One Page Website

Website is the mortar for every digital marketing approach. If you want your business to have a robust online presence, you need to start planning for your website design right now. Look for any web designer or agency and website content writer around your city, or start learning how you do it yourself to save on the cost of running your business. 

Most businesses fail because they settle to promote their businesses through social media platforms, which is also good. Social media is a channel of digital marketing that is also helping businesses make online sales and leads. But still, you can’t rule out that website is the driving engine of digital marketing.

Why is a website important to businesses?

To make sales, you need to understand customers’ journeys, interests, and online browsing behavior. When you understand all customers’ touch-points, it gives you an easy time to target them with suitable products or services and at the right time. 

Websites will give you complete control to monitor how your prospects behave online. You will understand the pages that customers visit more often and the kind of products they are researching on. Let’s assume you are dealing with fashion and design products and you came across a customer who has been consistently looking for products related to your items. 

In this era of the internet, most people go to the internet to need a service or solutions. The three search engine giants include; Yahoo, Google, and Bing. They account for over 90% of all online searches. Consequently, Google takes the most significant share than Bing and Yahoo. 

Search Engines provide you with the necessary details and content to add to your website to attract massive traffic and potential clients. 


What is a One-Page-Website? 

A one-page website has no extra pages like services, about, team, or contact pages. One page website has all its content within the same website page. Traditionally, businesses have had websites that look like diaries or the long-scrolling website layout. 

And today, companies try to condense their websites to a one-page format. The advantage of one-page websites is that they promote in a direct and uncluttered manner. They approach main targets directly without disrupting customers with irrelevant information. A one-page website allows customers to make quick and shorter decisions when it comes to purchasing.

Why Do Businesses Need a One-Page-Website?

One-page websites make things clear from the customer’s perspective, and business benefits from the same with a wider margin in terms of conversions. When a website provides brief information and directives, customers take little time to internalize business content and be on the same page with the business’s problem. 

Many online visitors don’t like to read long text and content, and they will probably ignore your website if they find it boring and full of unnecessary information. Imagine a situation where a client is looking to take a trip or vacation and land on your website Homepage to find most of the content talking about your team members. What will be their response? Jump from your website to another that they feel is addressing their problems effectively. 

That drives the idea of why businesses are today using landing pages to convert clients faster. A landing page always has a called-to-action string that makes easy conversions in terms of leads and sales. 

How Can You Create a One-Page-Website?

There are many tools and programs you can use to design a one-page website. If you are a pro web developer, you can use programs like CSS, Java, Python, or even HTML. And if you are a WordPress developer, there are many themes, plugins, and templates you can use to design a one-page website.

Most businesses are using WordPress, making it easier to customize websites to fit on a single page. But if you are not experienced enough, you should consider hiring a qualified website designer. You can also work with an agency to outsource for someone experienced enough to design your website. The advantage of working with an agency is that you enjoy working with a pool of professionals in a specific area of specialization.

Are there Negative Impacts of One-page websites?

A one-page website is incredibly dynamic and straightforward to customize to push your business to the next level. But that doesn’t mean it is perfect for every business. Some still prefer a long-scrolling model since customers need to be educated before purchasing a product or hiring a service.