About Us

Otitek Media is a digital marketing consultancy and agency based in Kenya. It was founded by Ayege Movine back in 2017, but registered in 2018. We believe in promoting start-ups more than other business. We realized many businesses are still struggling to make sales through the traditional forms of marketing.

We train business owners about the basics and how digital marketing is relevant to their brands. Our training entails:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • Pay-per-click(PPC)
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

After going through our training, we will still offer subsequent support until you will feel you are set, comfortable and able stand alone.

To those who are willing to hire our experts to carry out their digital marketing, here is the link to Our Services list


With Our Services, Your Online presence is Complete. 

Guest Post

Reach out to the World. 

Guest posting is a method of writing articles for other websites to get a link to your website or blog in return. The main aim of this method is to improve your website SEO ranking. Guest posting will help you build a relationship with people. It will also introduce you to new people and readers. Therefore, we help businesses improve the SEO and website ranking through our guest posting services.

Blogger Outreach.

We Reach out Targeted Audience. 

Blogging outreach is the new fashionable tool for content and business promotion. It is all about using influencers with massive followers to market your products through their platforms. It is not necessary for payment, and they can sell your products with an exchange of your free services. It can be a deal between, blogger-blogger or business- blogger. Therefore, we assist brands in finding connections and best platforms that fit their needs and products. 

 Blogging Services. 

We Engage Customers. 

We can generate blogs from different niches or topics. Our blogs attract attention and traffic that can improve your online presence. You can promote your services and build a relationship with customers through our blogs. Educate your customers through blogs, contact us for assistance.  

SEO Strategy.

We maintain online Visibility. Proper technical SEO can improve your website to be crawled by the search engines. Having good content is another factor to improve your site ranking. We create well-structured content and optimize your website to get a top rank position in the search engines. We again strategize on, off-site SEO, and on-site SEO.  

Digital PR. 

We are Building Brands. 

Most of the brands are using a PR strategy to increase their online presence. Therefore, our goal is to work with bloggers, journalists, and influencers and socialist to help you achieve a PR strategy. We monitor, analyze content ideas that can help you land on the best approach. Subsequently, we optimize, track content, and measure the final results to ensure our clients get the best of the best. 

 White-Hat Link Building.

 We Connect Businesses Globally. 


We help brands to improve their relationships with other authorities within their niche by linking other content.This will enhance their chances of receiving backlinks. Which, as a result, will improve their website rankings? The team has a deep understanding of search engine algorithms. And they will ensure that your sites do not get de-indexed from the search engines. 

Blog Commenting. 

We Drive Traffic to Businesses. 

This is the best and the easiest way to improve blog interactions. It can also help you get some backlinks onto your website. Consequently, the traffic to your site will grow, and your business conversion rates will be extended to the higher limit. Get yourself a solution by contacting us, and we will improve your business with blog commenting. 

 Influencer Marketing. 

We Create Relationships Customers. 

influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a channel of digital marketing that is amazingly booming. Its power is real because influencers have a perfect understanding of their audiences. Being that it is a common thing, there must be a social medium to reach out to targeted audiences. Influencers use those social mediums like Facebook and Twitter to engage their followers. We provide recommendations and choose the best influencer for your brand. 

Email Marketing. 

Building trust with Customers. 

There is a paradigm shift in the digital marketing ground. Many businesses and brands consider email as the best mode of communication. As a result, marketers have found a way to leverage it by using it as a channel for marketing. Through this channel, you can re-engage some of your inactive subscribers. We design an attractive email format, email campaign, and landing pages. 

Push Notification

Developing Marketing Strategy. 

We design a push notification strategy that triggers user engagement. It will help your business to retain and re-engage your users. As a result, the conversion rate will also increase. Targeting the right audience and users will also optimize the conversion rate. We create engaging push notification advertisements. As a result, they will pull or force your customers to click-through and finally, you convert them into sales 

 Banner Advertisement

We Manage Marketing Campaigns. 

banner advertisement

The most effective strategy is to design an excellent standard size banner. We create a clearly defined frame that attracts the attention of the viewers. Developing a relevant animation is another tool we must put into place. We ensure that it clearly describes and demonstrates what your viewers need. We offer banner advertisements that will generate positive results for your business. 

Text Advertisement. 

Excellent Marketing Campaigns.

 A well-organized text advertisement must have a call to action. Again, it must win the attention of the viewers and clients. Banner and text ads can be combined at some point. We place them on good traffic sites and niche to attract more engagements and Click-through-rate. Our contents have excellent spelling. We address the viewers directly to keep them more engaged.

Content Creation. 

Building a Good Reputation for Businesses. 

Content marketing is a fact and a figure strategy. It gives a clear solution and an approach to customer’s needs. We create a researched content, with an excellent format that stimulates attention. Our contents are well structured and with relevant context to brainstorm your viewers. Our content is well researched to ensure that your readers find the exact solution to their problems and needs. 

Blogging Outreach Records.

We Provide Information to Customers.

 Blogging outreach is all about building connections with other bloggers. Identifying how you can benefit and help each other is considered paramount. It will help you outsource many backlinks that as a result, will improve your SEO. We do research, analyze, and store records of other bloggers within different niches for accessibility. We ensure our records are pure and have relevant information that can help other bloggers


Customers are given access to Results.

 Having proper records are necessary for every digital marketing tool. It must have clear steps that can be followed and traced to the final results. It must capture the whole concept and context to allow easy understanding to the users or business owners. Our services are well guided by the above tricks that make them easier to track or trace. We provide the record of our work to ensure there is transparency that our clients need. You need to work on how to retain your customers and sell more to them. This will leverage your profit margin.

Media Buying

We Negotiate on behalf of our Clients.

 Media buying is considered a traditional form of marketing and advertising. But today, it is working for several brands. It is the purchasing of the advertisement from media companies. Media Companies include; newspapers, television stations, magazines, websites, or blogs. We help brands or companies to negotiate for price and ad placement of ads. We research on behalf of businesses to find the best media for ad placement. 

 Content Marketing.

 We provide accurate information to Customers. 

This form of digital marketing is driving more sales and leads to several businesses in this era. It involves the creation and sharing of content online. Online-contents include; blogs and sharing of social post. Online content may be educational, for entertainment or insightful to readers or viewers. We create excellent content that can stimulate the interest of customers or targeted audiences towards your product or services. 

Growth Hacking. 

We minimize the cost of Marketing. This is an approach to marketing where creativity and low-cost strategies are embraced to help a business acquire and retain customers. The plan focuses solely on strategy related to growing company within the shortest time possible. A/b testing and other conversion rate are necessary for growth hacking. We do product tests and analyze what is working and develop a strategy; that will ensure you hit your business target within a short period possible.  

 Powerful Insights to Help Grow Your Business. 

The main goal and aim of every entrepreneur are to grow their brand. Every investor starts a business to make more profit and revenue. 

Every entrepreneur should have the following qualities and traits: 

  • Ready and hungry to learn.
  • Power of listening as a professional. 
  • Thinking of expanding his/her brand to new markets. Well trained to be a servant to employees instead of being a boss.
  • They are surrounding themselves with the right people. Embrace working with the young generation and making a maximizing millennial advantage.

If you have an excellent listening skill, then your reputations will get to its peak. You can engage several customers and receive a proper response. 

Keep in mind that business is all about you and how you interact with customers. If your interaction is not appealing to your customers, they will get away from you. 

Having millennials generation will help your business grow very fast. The young age is ready to learn and cope up with the technology. 

Benefits of Our Services.

 Marketing is key to every business and brand. It is the driving engine that will ensure your business success or failure.

 Many businesses are investing a lot in marketing. But most of them fail because of choosing the wrong approach to marketing. 

Don’t be among the failures. Choose the right channel and agency that will help you achieve your business goal.

 Hiring our services is the best decision you need to consider to grow your business online. Below are some of the benefits you will have;

  • Promotion of your entire brand across all channels. Exceptional assistance from our team of experts.
  • Well maintained and consistent marketing strategies.
  • You have access to measure marketing results. 
  • Attractive and straightforward ad campaigns to drive more sales and lead to your business.
  • We embrace new ideas and new trends in the market to make your business fit within the competition cycle.
  • Our services are affordable to all sizes of businesses. With our services, you can save on the cost to expand your marketing function. 

Above all, do your research as well and come up with your business goal. After that, analyze the best strategy that will help get into it.