About The Founder

Who is Ayege Movine? 

I am just a dreamer, still dreaming, just like any other person. The background of my career is from the hospitality industry. I have served in the same profession for over three years no. My passion for digital marketing was propagated when I first applied for a job through email and got invited for an interview and given a job. I heard so many people complaining before, how online job applications are full of fraud and so I wanted to learn the story behind it. And today I’m a digital marketer working with brands across the globe.

Where was Ayege born? I’m not sure about that, but my mum always tells me I was born in a fast-growing East African community. Born with a dream to become a mechanical engineer but ended up becoming friends with Google and different online platforms.

Gaining enough courage to start a business is your role and responsibility as an entrepreneur. Marketing is another step in entrepreneurship, targeting the right people is worth business success and that’s where my role picks momentum to take brands through successful digital marketing strategies.

What I Do

I love the power of the internet and the online opportunities created by its existence. It inspires me a lot to assist other brands to build their online presence.

I Coach.

Perfection is an enemy of progress. It doesn’t matter what you know or how you know it. There is always much information to learn; you have room to be an expert. And I coach copywriting, digital marketing, and online etiquette.

I Speak.

I speak, but I don’t just talk. I only do it if I feel it can help. Sharing stories is what I loved doing ever since I was a teenager. Nothing much has changed on the same. It was only changed because it was between my family, and today I extend it to a worldwide community.

I Write.

If I don’t write it, I forget it. Writing is my cup of tea, and if I think of an idea, I write it down instantly. I put down many pieces every day that incorporate together for a full blog. I write blogs and website content for different companies. I create content for social media accounts.

Need Advice?
If you need digital marketing mentorship or services for your business, then let me help you strike that shot. I’m just one click away, have it done now and not tomorrow!