7 Ridiculously Simple Steps for Making Money Online in 2020

7 Ridiculously Simple Steps for Making Money Online in 2020

The internet has remodeled the way businesses operate. It has pierced borders and eliminated limitations on what you’ll be able to do to earn online in 2020, not based mostly on countries or monetary resources. With a laptop, a web affiliation, and personal drive, there is little that can stand in the way of you making an income online.

From online surveys to trading out your house, there’s no shortage of smart ways you can use to create a web financial accretion in 2020.

Please note it takes persistence, patience, hard work and failures to build a successful online venture.

 There are no get-rich-quick schemes. The fastest ways for a web financial gain are a block of shortcuts that don’t last or pan dead set by scammers. You have to put in time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears to be successful. Let’s dive in and explore the 7 trendy ways in which to create cash online in the state of Kenya. 

1) Ecommerce/ Drop shopping.

Ecommerce is the selling and buying of goods and services over the internet. The industry is prospering, and the easiest way you can start is via drop shopping. This is a fulfillment method where a store does not keep an inventory of the items it sells but instead purchases it from a third party supplier who ships the item directly to the customer. The store owner doesn’t see or handle the merchandise.

For example, a customer purchases from the store and makes a payment of Kshs.1850. The store owner then transmits the order details and customer’s address to the supplier and pays the wholesale price of Kshs.400, and he left with Kshs.1, 450 as profit. The supplier then ships the item directly to the customer. This paradigm of Ecommerce requires less capital to start, and you only need a laptop and an internet connection. There are several resources, such as eComproo.com and Shopify, which can help you get started.

2) Blogging

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Blogs are informational websites where writers share their views on subjects of their choice. There are so many profitable niches one can explore. Career, health, photography, fitness, fashion, finance and gardening are some of the examples. You can monetize your blog by:

  1. Placing ads on your site. The ads are in the form of Cost per Click (CPS) or CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions). In this case of CPC, you are paid for the ad-click when readers click on them while you will be paid for the number of people who have viewed your ads in case of CPM. If this is your preferred method of monetization, you may consider using Google ad-sense.

II) Affiliate Marketing: In this case, you can blog about an advertiser’s product’, and they pay you a commission for every sale that came from your website.

Click Bank may be a positive platform for monetizing your journal with affiliate selling.

III) Selling private ads and sponsored posts.

Iv) You’ll be able to sell digital merchandise like photos, music, apps, online courses, and videos.                                                                                                                                                                                             

V) Sell membership. For example, if you own a career blog, you can charge Kshs.1,000 for members to access a non-public job board.

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3) Freelance Web Development, Design, and Maintenance.

You got the skill. You have learned HTML and CSS. You have already trained in PHP. Python and MYSQL. You can be your own boss. It is challenging when you are starting out as s freelancer. You will need to be disciplined and strict with yourself.

But, the benefit is immense. You can set versatile operating hours, rate of pay, and be your own boss. Also, you can choose to work on an exciting project and have a better life-work balance. Another reason you will wish to think about changing into a contract developer is there’s a vast shortage of developers worldwide, and contract salaries are high.

4) Offer Digital Marketing Services.

People and individuals are willing to pay for your services if you have the skill to expand their product and service market by using the internet. Some popular types of digital marketing include:

  1.       Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2.      Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  3.     Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  4.     Email Marketing
  5.      Online advertising (Google Ads and Facebook Ads)
  6.     Influencer Marketing.

If you’ve got an outsized online following on Facebook, Instagram, and or Twitter, then you’ll be able to promote different brands’ products and find paid.

5) Launch an informative and entertaining YouTube channel.

With quite five billion videos viewed daily, YouTube is the most significant video hosting website within the world. It is the second largest search engine with a majority of its users coming to be informed and entertained.

You can launch your channel and start monetizing with ads once you hit the 1000subs/400hr of view time. With each one thousand views, you’ll be able to build from Kshs.200-400. If you’ve got fifty videos obtaining 10,000 per month, then that might translate to Kshs.100, 000-200,000 in monetary gains.

6) Record a Podcast.

People have perceived to be busier daily and consequently, are searching for possible ways in which to consume content. This is the reason podcast is a craze at the moment, presenting you with an excellent opportunity to build an audience and generate money. Here are some ways you can monetize your podcast:

  1.       Stream it go on YouTube and build cash from ads
  2.      Find traditional sponsorship (advertisement)
  3.     Sell your products

One of the first victorious and standard podcasters is John Lee author, and the UN agency makes Kshs.20m per month from his bourgeois lighted podcast.

7) Write and Sell eBook

Did you notice you can grip cash online by packaging your data into a downloadable eBook that helps folks start a business, learn a new skill, or even advance their careers?

You can sell your eBook on Amazon. Amazon self-publishing offers you access to their broad audience to sell your book. They will take half-hour as their fee and leave the rest for you.

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