Why is creativity the next thing you should look up to, now or after Coronavirus plunder?

Why is creativity the next thing you should look up to, now or after Coronavirus plunder?

Well, we all agree that enough has been taken away from us. What we’re going through is enough to trigger some notions of creativity in us.

Think of something that will help you make money apart from your daily job. It can be a part-time job, eg. Writing, web designing, programming, or anything that you are passionate about and can generate some cash.

We need to save more than enough money for ourselves, families, and some emergencies. This has never been an issue to a good percentage because we trusted our jobs more than expected. We believed the management, and you can imagine how it’s beyond the control of management. Coronavirus has taken the role of the management, and soon it may direct us to total lockdown.

The second group is those that didn’t save. Bills are piling up with their income declining with overrated pace. You’re reading this and am not sure if you’re one of them. If you’re not then well and good you can still read the whole thing. If you’re one of them don’t lose hope you’re not alone but still you can read the whole thing.


What will happen?

Most people who are going to meet undesirable frustrations are casual workers, no insurance cover, no company support, no income, and you can’t get out of the house.

It’s going to be messy,

Most businesses have also realized that some positions are no longer of value to their investment. And so they might disband them, leaving a good number jobless.

What we can do now is to DOUBLE!

I mean double your skills, double your income, double your jobs, and double your creativity.

Because if you’re creative enough, you’ll find a solution even when people are in an unimaginable crisis. You’ll find a solution to yourself and for the whole society.

Let’s think! Doublethink!

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